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Pegasusmtb Mountain Bike Coaching, Skills Courses and Instructor Awards

Providing mountain bike coaching, skills and instructor courses. Training the trainer all across the UK and abroad in countries such as France, Cyprus and Kenya!


Courses include MBL 1- 3, Cycle Maintenance and MTB Search and Rescue.

The European Organisation of Mountain Bike Instructor-Guides (EO-MTBInG) pools the skills, knowledge and experience from leading MTB training organisations across Europe to create the world’s foremost source of expertise on the subject of MTB instructor-guiding. The UK joins France, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovenia and Switzerland in this growing group of MTB instructor bodies


All coaching and instruction is carried out in a fun relaxed atmosphere with the emphasis on learning new skills whilst enjoying yourselves!

Fully accredited to the ABCC and QCF.


Our instruction is second to none, gained from over 20 years of experience of riding, racing and  instructing in the British Army you can be sure of quality tuition whilst learning.


Premier MTB skills and coaching in the East Midlands!

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